Mounting External Drives on Linux

Like on Windows and macOS, on most modern graphical desktop environments on Linux connecting an external hard drive is pretty much plug & play. This feature is called auto-mount and is an autmaticaly run procedure mounting an external drive to the system.

In case you want to mount a drive manually, follow these steps:

  1. lsblk for displaying all connected hard drives. You need to remember under which device path the connected drive appears, e.g. /dev/sdb.

  2. mkdir /media/[mount directory] creates an empty folder which will be the mounting point where you will be able to access the drive’s content. Creating this folder in /media is just a convention on some distributions.

  3. mount [device path e.g. /dev/sdb] [mount directory e.g. /media/usb-stick] finnaly mounts the device on the previously created folder.